The man of your life will come when the time is right, when your  soul is opened and ready to receive the love and everything that she involves.  After kissing too many frogs, after crushing all your thoughts, feelings, dreams, hopes and desires on the cold marble, breaking them the way you break a pearl necklace. The man of your life is the gift that you receive when you think that God forgot about you, and He left you just the bitter taste of dissappointment. God never forget, and he ask you to believe and learn to open your soul.

The man of your life will not arrive on a white horse sourounded by trumpes, he will come on his own feets, in silence, and he will rest on the side of your soul, looking inside of your emptyness that persist for so long time now, and from there,with decision hard to understand, he start to put together your broken pieces, to kiss your scars, to hug your soul with his strong arms, to calm down your demons and to give back wings to angels and butterflyes.

The man of your life is not touching you just with his hand, he knows how to talk when everything remain in silance. He knows how to bring you together when the souls are far away, leaving behind ego`s that just makes you ugly. The man of your life will not be affraid to discover you, to take your body and soul and checking centimeter by centimeter, every single corner, and when he trip, he will comeback later, after you will be sure he doesn`t want to affect you. The man of your life wil not ask you more than he can give because he knows is equal to you for the rest of your life, he teach you to not look to the ground, showing you how beautiful is the blue sky.

Woman, don`t lose your hope, don`t dispear, don`t throw yourself just to get hurt, because in this way you will not do something else, just to prolong the agony. Have the pacience of a mom that is teaching her child – a pacience that will lead you on the hights, even if today you don`t see them, you know about their existence.`