Why you comeback everytime when you see that i`m better without you?

Why you comeback everytime when you see that i`m better without you? No, I would never say that what was between us didn`t mean anything to me. It was everything for one year and few months. You were the happiness that stole my eyes. You made me agonize making my nights darker than they were, the woman that was going slowly under my skin leaving behind her, damages like a drug.

I saw myself by your side my entire life, facing together the storms, breaking the rules, loving without limits and trying to become everyday better. But, the moment when we had to leave eachother came, and we didn`t say Bye..it was a forever Goodbye , wishing ourself all the best in the world, leaving after separate on the way that we choosed to nowhere.

It wasn` easy for me…but i`m still alive. And when i was already on the right path, you thought to appear again on my way. You told me to stop..and i listened, no matter how far i left you in the past, i couldnt`t ignore you.

You didn`t ask me what i`m doing or how i feel, you just jumped in my arms telling me how much you missed us, that`s hard all by yourself, that you couldnt`t meet any man to make you feel happy, they wanted just affair and that`s all. Without thinking straight i believed you. My instincts froze, and i couldn`t think what comes next. You left, the way you came, and when i was walking again on a straight path, you waited for me again in the same place. This time i stoped ..i listen to your thoughts but i asked you to leave to find your own path.

Why you comeback everytime when you see how good i am? Just to mess up my world giving me the feeling that i`m falling in my head?

Don`t try to bring your chaos to my peaceful world because i won`t allow you anymore. Don`t look for me when i`m holding another woman`s hand, because i won`t even turn my head after you – turning my heart you don`t have any chance. Don` try to wake up my memories about us because you don`t have why.

I didn`t forget you, just i moved on..and i should thank you for letting me become the man that i am today. Before..maybe..i trusted your words..but know they are empty like my wine bottle that stands on my table. I can hear just the noise…and see just a shadow.

Why you feel to come back everytime when my smile show up again on the corner of my mouth? You`re not his reason anymore. My smile doesn`t belong to you anymore, same my time and my hand – we become strangers with different paths.

Please, understand!

I don`t have space in my life for you anymore! Not because i`m mean..but because i accepted your abbsence.