I love the woman that i start my day with – before having my shower, washing my teeths, and getting ready, i see her face. And even on my sleepy face you can`t see a smile, is always present in my soul. I love her even when she`s grumbeling hearing my alarm ringing and when she`s getting annoyed trying to wake me up. Actually she looks very funny trying to get annoyed with me even if she start screaming ten minutes ago that i should wake up. I kiss her and after i go to work, otherwise i would feel that something`s missing – the taste of her lips. I love her even when it takes one hour and a half to be ready to go to university or outside with me – even i don`t show, it feels like waiting for an eternety to leave.

I love her because she loves me the way that nobody did, during the time  without judging. When i do mistakes i addmit, but i never did something serious and bad, but i love her on those moments when she`s correcting me and she showes me the right way. I love her because she`s worthy of dignity, because even if she knows that she`s having a beautiful body, she`s not showing herself. She takes care of me even she`s sometimes annoying, but this is the reason why i love her – next to her, even if i want, i would never die sleeping, starving or feeling cold .

I love her for the support that she`s giving me, and even if she doesn`t know how tell me, i can read her eyes. She never held me back and she always encouraged me to move on, watching my way because you can`t trust everything you see.

I love her being without prejudicie when we are both in our bedroom with light off without clothes – we satisfy ourself and that we`re smiling. When she`s cooking i love her as well trough the dishes and all the spicyes around her.

I love her because she knows how to love me, waking up the deepest feeling, she knows how to make me sleep, how to listen, how to talk – she`s doing everything from soul to soul. I love her because she`s the reason why i`m a better man!