My lovely future wife, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, i feel the need to tell you a few things that i want you to know before you show up in my life. Or…if you`re already the one that i`m spending my days with..VERY GOOD, you have to know these things as well.

I dont know to sell a lie. My dear wife, i will not pretend even for a second, to be something that i`m not. Throughout time when i was playing on both sides, i realized that my memory doesn`t help at all because i couldn`t keep up remembering my own lies. Everytime i grew up more, learning that the easyest way in a relation is based on honesty.

Now i wouldn`t look into your eyes, saying that i miss you when i was coming back from the other one. Would be better to break up first and than do whatever i want to. I would say that i had a hard day at work just to not wash the dishes and i would say i have a headache as well just to stay in bed all day…and that`s it.. .

I`m devoted. When i have a woman next to me, i choose to be and to offer everything that i am and i have. If i`m enough for you is good…if not..i want you to know that i`ve done everything i could and there`s nothing more i can do.

Before, i thought that what define a man is the number..and i can say i collected some..but still i was feeling empty inside – i was heaving the plesure but not the happiness. In conclusion, my dear lovely future wife, i will be only yours !

I don`t like to be assaulted. It`s simple..i don`t like to be asked ” what`s wrong with you “..when you see me absent.. or pushing me with advices to eat because i missed my breakfast. I appreciate the fact that you care about me.. but let me handle it – and if there`s something that upsets me sooner or later, i promise i will say. I like to share everything i am and feel, but i like to do it on my rhythm. Don`t worry ! I will not push you away !

I`m jelous. As much as natural – if i see someone stilling a smile from you, i won`t do a crime. You are free, and freedom is something that you can`t take away, but your freedom ends when you step on mine. There`s a thin line that can`t be crossed and i hope you will be wise enough to not break it.

I won`t ask for big things. All that i`m gonna ask you is to be honest and the rest will follow.

I will take care of you. To not get cold and if still catch you, i will take care to bring you a warm cup of tea while i`ll make sure that your blanket is around you. I will do my best to always listen and talk with you and i won`t let you unsatisfied. I will never let you feel unwanted, forgotten, unappreciated or alone in two.