If you chosed her to be part of your life, and she accept it as well by chosing you, than love every single centimeter of her. Don’t miss anything!

Love her hair because of it’s beautiful fragance and it offers the femininity that makes you like her so much.

Love her ears because she is listening to you when you feel the need to release yourself of the negative thoughts.

Love her eyes because of the way they shine when they see you and they open her soul every single time when you feel insecure of her.

Love her nose because she feel your sense from far away without telling her a word about your doubts.

Love her mouth because is kissing you with passion, sometimes playing around, because is telling you so many stories about herself, because from there, starts to flow the river of the encouragement and wise words. Mostly, the mouth is named the gateway to the soul voice.

Love her neck because your kiss spread emotions that makes her feel the shake all over her skin.

Love her shoulders because next to yours, they carry, share and face the problems that comes in life until you find the right solutions. It always makes you tander to kiss them.

Love her breast because it showes more the femininity of her and because you can’t hold yourself by kissing or touching them. Love them as well because there comes a time in life when they will fead the fruit of your precious love.

Love her abs because is holding your head as a pillow when you raise your eyes up to the sky.

Love the most feminin and gentle part of her, what makes you different, because it offers you the needed plesure.

Love her back because you like to touch and watch and feel it from behind.

Love her legs because they chase you when you start to go away and makes you exclaim.

Love her skin because she takes good care of it and because of her softness and roses sense, chocolate or other flavoures.

And don’t forget to love her cerebral hemispheres because turns you on, they wake you up and push you to expect more from yourself, because will never make you feel ashamed when you’re there outside facing the world.