“You are so proud when you charm so many women just because you don’t know what represents a woman. Who’s running and doesn’t stop at one woman, loses the greatest part of her”-according to Camil Petrescu, not to myself. And he is damn right.

I don’t extol women and neither do I extol men. I believe that we are equal, both the woman and the man being people before anything else. But, as a man, I was always interested in the fair sex side. I wished so hard some women that after they were mine, the magic was swept away. I wanted also so much to get rid of some women that I fell in love with them. I had a lot of paradoxes, a lot of experiences with women. I ran so desperate for them precisely because I wanted to have as many as possible, not let time passes besides me, not awakening at 60 years old and realize I have no idea what it is like to live with another woman than the one I picked for a lifetime.
With each woman who passed my threshold, I felt better, I felt a real man, better than my other male peers. I don’t understand why to lose a lot of time next to one woman, so the longest relationship lasted one month. But what a month! This happened until a moment, when my heart refused to let me play.

My heart took away its toys and left me only one woman. And I didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to do with her. How, when, where, why, and how exactly. However, I did like the heart ordered and I do not regret. I lived the most beautiful moments in the relationships that we’ve considered serious. There, I learned enough so I should not play no more with women’s souls. Getting them once a month, once every two months, I should not mock me or them. When you love someone, you become mature, even though you ask for your mom’s help once in a while. You become sentimentally mature and this is essential to be able to write a love story.

In these relationships I discovered woman, more than in previous ones, which were clearly much more numerous. And knowing the one next to me, I knew myself better. And pride, the pride that I felt when I had as many in a short period of time, it has now turned into pride to be able to make happy one woman- the one who loves me.