First love is like the first step a newborn makes. Then you start going for the first time on what, later on, you will call the path to happiness. First love remains in memory, although often, it’s an immature love at an early stage of understanding. But precisely this is the reason it is unforgettable -the childhood, running through your veins, determines you to adore it and to never let go.

You will remember it also over the years, you will remember almost exactly what happened, how happy you were and how empty you when it ended. In fact, you will feel empty after every ended love story, but the more they are, the more you will be of the pain and know how to manipulate it. First love means the first goosebumps, the first butterflies in your stomach, the first moments of agony and ecstasy, first deep questions, the first time when you open your soul. But first love will remains the first, nothing more.

Instead of that, last love is the one that counts, the one that will make you happy for a lifetime. That’s the one that will remain for the rest of your life and about which it will ask your children and your grandchildren. Your last love story will complete you as a man, you will drive on the highest peak of happiness, you will experience and learn many things. At this point, your first love will seem a distant memory covered in dust-you know that is somewhere, but you don’t know exactly where.

Well, there are cases in which first love is also the last one, but they are extremely rare.