Finally, we arrive home. We are tired of the road through train, but our souls are filled with joy. Two people who love each other cannot be unhappy when they are breathing at a small distance from each other. The significant other is just enough to reach that orgasm of happiness. So are we. For how long we will do this, we don’t know, nor do we care about it -we live together anything, willing that something to take a life or a second.

She is like the old wine – invaluable! She delights my sight with her soft or steep curves, my smell with her fine scent that gave me plenty of thoughts, my taste with her fine skin, smelling of desire. I know every inch of her body, because I have kissed each of her corners. I’ve left my lips prints on her soul, her soles, her forehead.

I read something interesting today, she tells me. It was a statement of Steinhardt saying that today’s man is hungry for love and sense.
-This makes sense and if I synthesize his whole statement, I would summarize in one question that we ask ourselves: why do we love the person next to us?
-You’re right. And I’ve asked myself at the beginning of our relationship why I feel stuck as a thistle.
-And what? I asked curiously.
-I have not found a clear answer. I just found an empty feeling in my stomach thinking that I might lose you, that I could assist in the transition to the other world of our feelings so vivid. The thought that I might suffer again scares me, even though you know that I am not a weak woman. But the soul’ pain is the one that heals the hardest and, unfortunately, you can’t take any pill that may ease this feeling.
-There is a cure, however, what helps you to handle such a pain, I tell her.
-Which one?
-Disappointment. When the other one disappoints you, it hurts a little harder but you move faster.
-And would you prescribe such a drug?
-Obviously not, I answer, while she was relieved.
– Are you hungry?
-No, because I’m not looking for meaning, and you give me enough love not to be hungry.