tumblr_mf2p0knwql1rfpyh2o1_500There are many men who have the impression that the woman belongs to them, that she is a property they enjoy, as children who got a new toy. The woman is not a toy, but a soul of which you take care or not-and if you want her next to you, choose the first option. Don’t be a jerk! She doesn’t belong to you, there is no “mine” unless you say “my beloved”, otherwise don’t even bother to think that she is yours. Let’s not forget that she has chosen to be yours, not you.
The woman is not something you buy from the market or from any store. You don’t borrow money from the Bank to buy a woman and I’m talking about those who don’t sell their body for money. There is not a scholarship for women, where they are traded like goods. There is a fellowship of soul, of mind that indicates you that she is not appropriate for you and it will urge you to go away nicely and thank you for the time spent together.
The woman is not the tool of a man, just as no man is the tool of her. Her main place should be in your soul and in your bed, not in the kitchen among the pots and pans. She looks better undressed, with her warm skin touched by your arms and kisses, all of these caressing her body, than to wear a shabby apron. First you nourish your souls, then your bodies.
Well, man, you are not the commander of the armies, thus stop giving orders! The army is no longer mandatory, and peace is far more beneficial than
the war – I mean your peace, not the world peace. And stop treating her as a product purchased from any store.
The woman, is a monument of love, of fragility, of passion, of desires, and you should be her UNESCO!
If you feel that she is right for you, be the man she wants it!